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There has been talk for a long time about building a new southern entrance to Zagreb, for more than a decade. Various rumors and options appeared in public, but the attractive land in Buzinske krče, along the main road connecting the metropolis with Velika Gorica and Franjo Tuđman Airport, gaped empty. And then recently, excavators arrived on a large meadow. This is the announcement of the beginning of the realization of one of the largest investments in Croatia. The business settlement on eighty thousand square meters of land, with 250,000 m2 of office space will be realized in five phases, and the entire project is worth two billion kuna.

They also work in America

When the works are completed, the southern entrance to the metropolis will become Buzin City Island and, reveals project manager Marijo Tomić, it will have “all the facilities needed by a working man during and outside his working hours”. The investor of this project is the company City Island d.o.o. based in Rugvica, and the main designer is the Split company MIG arhitekti. The main contractor is KFK, a regional leader in the production of aluminum-glass facades. The same company is currently working on seven major projects in the UK and some in the US. The Buzin City Island project will be built in five phases, explains Tomić, who welcomed us at the huge Buzin construction site. – It is not built classically, but several different buildings will be built, in several phases. The deadline for completion of the first phase is 24 months. The construction site is divided into two plots, zone A and zone B, and we will build about twenty business buildings – Tomić states the data and adds that in the first phase, which is just at the beginning, the construction of enclosures of various business premises is planned. In the first phase, they will build a hotel with 200 rooms and a congress center, three business buildings in which multifunctional halls and a studio will be located.

– We still don’t know for sure to whom we will rent the premises, we are still looking for tenants – the project manager continues and adds that their sister company Imobilia has already built a dozen office buildings throughout Zagreb, where renowned world companies are rented. The first phase should be completed by mid-2022. The next phase will start in the spring of the same year, and then the final in 2024, so that the entire complex of the southern entrance to Zagreb, if everything goes according to plan, will be completed in 2026. great interest, says Tomic.

– The location is attractive because it is located in a well-connected place – adds and lists everything that is planned in the complex. There will be business premises, cafes, restaurants, post office, bank, pharmacy, hair salon, gym …

– We are also building two kindergartens, one of them in the first phase, but also a modern dormitory – says the host, adding that it will also be the only semi-residential building in the complex, and students will be able to rent rooms here. They will also build two garages so that there are no problems with parking spaces.

– Under the complex we are building one floor of the garage and two more garage buildings on six floors. There will be parks and promenades between them, so that everything will be balanced with greenery, and garages hidden so as not to disturb the view of the business settlement – says the investor’s representative and points out that this is a Croatian investment, backed by Croatian capital, without foreign interference.

What about the shopping center?

City Island and KFK embarked on a joint venture two years ago when they bought the land and began designing. Their project, Tomic points out, is not linked to the plans of the old landowners. It is about Immokor, a joint company of Immorent and Hidrocommerce, which announced a large shopping center in that place in 2007, the largest in Croatia, but it was abandoned due to financial difficulties. The current investment is also pleasing to the president of the Buzin Local Board, Marija Kranjčina, who says that future facilities will improve the standard of living of the inhabitants of that settlement, as well as the whole of New Zagreb.

– New jobs will be created, the city treasury will be filled with surtaxes, apartments in Buzin will be sold and rented, and the view of the southern entrance to the city will be beautified – concludes the president of the Buzin Municipality.


Photo: Davor Puklavec / PIXSELL