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Location description & construction phases

City Island Business Park is a new, impressive concept of a self-sustaining business zone located in the Buzin business zone, which is slowly becoming the business center of Zagreb with this project.

This unique “City Island” is located in a very attractive location at the entrance to Zagreb, which is surrounded on the west by the Supernova shopping center, the eastern Bauhaus shopping center and the southern Zagreb bypass road. The proximity of the bypass road allows a quick connection to the highway and the location of the Business Park itself allows arrivals to the city center and the airport in ten minutes.

In addition to the office building with office space and a congress center, City Island will also have additional facilities that will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible in our “City”. The offer will include kindergartens, gastronomic facilities, retail business premises and a recreation center.

The island of the city – the business “City” of the future

Construction phases


  • 24.846 m2 of office space
  • 9.500 m2 Hotel **** 170 accommodation units
  • Additional facilities such as restaurants, cafes, shops, pharmacies, beauty salons
  • 343 parking spaces in a half-buried garage; 33 pcs on the ground floor


  • 4 office buildings, including additional facilities
  • 419 pcs in a half-buried garage; 19 pcs on the ground floor; 418 pcs in an above-ground open garage


  • 4 office buildings, including additional facilities
  • 315 pcs in a half-buried garage; 12 pcs on the ground floor; 331 pcs in an above-ground open garage


Raised computer floor

LED ceeling lightning

Carpet – carpet slabs

VRV heating and cooling system

Modern exterior facade design

Modern elevators

Fire alarm – sprinklers

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